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Waves Audio, the leading audio DSP softwares company has finally rolled out the room Calibration software they announced a while ago. Having a true reproduction of a well-balanced sonic frequency range in your mixing room is essential for quickly achieving great mixes. Frequency imbalances in your studio space will just mar the way you hear the sound. So Waves is releasing this software to help you tune your speakers appropriately, get a better and balanced sound reproduction in your room. TRACT will help you turn any sound system into a well-balanced foundation for your mixes, quickly and easily. The TRACT plugin integrates with Smaart\u00ae, the industry-standard audio analysis software from Rational Acoustics, to auto-correct EQ issues and time-align any sound system.<\/p>\n

When not well tuned, sound system\u2019s frequency response behave erratically. Hence, music tend to sound different than what one is used to, and as a result, mixing adjustments will not respond as expected. Worse, if a system is not time-aligned, there may be phase cancellation affecting valuable low-frequency impact. In many cases, access to the system processors is limited and there\u2019s limited time before sound check. These are cases where an invaluable tool like TRACT comes in handy.<\/p>\n

To solve these kinds of situations, TRACT calculates a corrective FIR EQ curve and time alignment corrections using data from Smaart v8 or Di v2. Quickly take and merge up to 8 measurement snapshots of your system, and select a reference as the basis for your EQ corrections. Four common reference curves are included, or create and save your own reference presets. Once the FIR EQ is calculated, you can manipulate it by changing the reference curve, limiting its frequency and amplitude ranges, or by supplementing it with up to 8 bands of IIR EQ filters. IIR filter shapes include: Bell, Low\/High Shelves, Flat-Tops, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley curves, a Tilt EQ with a variable frequency pivot point, and an All-Pass filter.<\/p>\n

The plugin includes a minimal-phase FIR component, which works at very low latency and with low phase distortion, as well as a linear-phase FIR component. You can use it in a live setting with any mixing console (via Waves MultiRack), with the eMotion LV1 mixer, or you can use it within any major DAW. With TRACT and Smaart, you can quickly and easily get any sound system to perform its very best, providing a well-balanced foundation \u2013 a clean canvas \u2013 for happy, accurate mixing.<\/p>\n

Waves TRACT System Calibration plus Smaart Di v2 Bundle features in a nutshell:<\/h2>\n