Top Best Reverb VST Plugins 2018 with prices

top best reverb VST plugins 2018

Here is Prohomemusic’s list of the top best reverb VST plugins 2018 with prices . One thing that sets pro level producers and mixing engineers apart from the rookies is their proper usage of reverbs in creating depth and space around their mixes. There are countless reverb plugins out there, plus some very good free ones. Among the innumerable reverb plugins stand out some handful of gems which will give you that professional reverb sound with just the right parameters to tweak to taste. So we took the time to do a research around the audio communities and sites on the internet to compile this list of the top best reverb VST/AU plugins mostly used and loved by people in 2018, and here they are with their regular prices, in no particular order:

Valhalla DSP Reverbs

Valhalla vintage verb top best reverb vst au plugin

Valhalla, a company established by the awesome developer- Sean Costello, came into the scene with the Valhalla room reverb plugin, which instantly became a favorite among pro audio geeks. The main factor being the fantastic sounds you can quickly sculpt out of it, the second factor being its simply intuitive interface, and the third being its very affordable price. lisensi avast secureline vpn Ever since then, the company has made the Ambience/Echo DSP sector its forte, and have been delivering high quality and useful effects in that line. As at now, their reverbs has got to be the most popular reverb plugins out there.

The two outstanding products in the company’s collection are the Valhalla Room and Valhalla Vintage Verb. These reverbs feature various reverb types ranging from small to huge sounding spaces. The user interface layout provides easy and quick ways to adjust all the regular reverb fine-tuning parameters such as damping, modulation, early/late reflection amounts, EQ filters, shape, tone, and more. The Vintage Verb is the more popular among the two. It brings on the vintage vibe algorithms that cover three decades of reverberation technology evolution. These can be switched with the ‘color’ parameter, which toggles the mode within ‘1970s’ to ‘1980s’ to ‘present’. These modes determine the bandwidth and modulation of the processed signal and also, if the resulting sound will be brighter or darker.

A recent addition to the pack is their plate reverb type which is very good, especially for vocals. At the meager price of $50 for each of their products, having any of these reverbs is a steal, because the sound they produce rival the sound of other pricy premium reverb plugins in the market.

Regular Price: $50 per plugin

Official Webpage : Valhalla Plugins

Fabfilter Pro-R

Top best reverb vst plugin 2018 Fabfilter Pro R

Fabfilter always find an innovative way of presenting their plugins in a manner that it becomes intuitive and so easy to use at first contact, even for a dummy. That was why their Pro Q 2 EQ plugin sat on top of our list of the Top 10 best EQ VST & AU plugins 2018. With the release of Fabfilter Pro-R, they brought another perspective entirely to how we use reverbs. Instead of imitating the conventional look and controls of classic hardware reverbs, Fabfilter decided to exploit the possibilities that digital software designs allow. With this, all sorts of features were implemented that would have been a pipe dream in the analogue world. They deviated from the usual interface and controls labeling we would expect on a reverb plugin, and instead replaced them with simple controls that have self explanatory labels. The interface is similar to the outlay of their Pro-Q2 EQ plugin, which if you are already familiar with, will make learning to use Pro-R even easier.

Pro-R packs so much flexibility of usage with its vector-based GUI which is ‘resize-able’. The parameter controls are all tailored towards easy mouse control. Its impressive graphical displays offer really usable information, and the controls are labeled in layman’s language with tags like- brightness, character, and distance. With Fabfilter Pro-R, you have an ingenious unlimited control over adjusting your reverb sound’s early reflections and late reflections(tail). A very forward thinking product that delivers. You can check it out by downloading the 30 days unlimited trial version.

Regular Price: $169

Official Webpage : Pro.R

Liquidsonics Seventh Heaven Professional


Liquidsonics ventured on a tasking quest to breathe life into the static nature of impulse responses (IR) used by convolution reverbs, and this led the birth of their groundbreaking ‘Fusion IR’ technology. Before the advent of Fusion IR, the digital convolution reverb technology felt sort of static, lifeless, and hardly susceptible to fine tuning. LiquidSonics founder, Matthew Hill, found a way around this limitations with his Fusion IR technology.

The technology takes multiple samples of a room, plate and other reverberation sources at different positions and time, then provides numerous ways of editing the resulting impulse responses. With these multisamples, he provided a way to modulate and infuse movements into the IR reverberations. The Fusion-IR tech was debuted in Liquidsonics Reverberate 2, another great reverb plug-in by the company. It was well received with a rave of positive reviews all around. This same tech was licensed to to Slate Digital, which they employed in their Verbsuite Classics reverb plugin.

Liquidsonics Seventh Heaven comes in two versions – the seventh Heaven, and the Seventh Heaven ‘Professional’ version. The professional version comes with a huge library of presets of IR as heavy as 10GB sampled from the legendary Bricasti M7, while the basic plug-in installer comes with about 3.5GB of core content. With Bricasti’s acknowledgement, Liquidsonics has created a plug-in that successfully attempts to recreate the revered M7 sound and looks.

Regular Price: $349

Official Webpage : Seventh Heaven Professional

PSP Audioware 2445

PSP 2445 reverb plugin

Need a reverb plugin that could instantly make your song, especially the vocals sound ‘like a record’ right away? Here you have it. PSP brought the magic dust in the form of this plugin. That’s not a surprise though, because they always make nice sounding premium plugins. Little wonder,their recently released PSP FETpressor was one of our top 10 best compressor VST plugins 2018. PSP 2445 is a reverb plug-in inspired by two legendary early digital age reverberations, which are: the EMT® 244 and the EMT® 245. PSP tirelessly researched how to combine the specific features of these two simple, yet very musical sounding reverbs into a single plug-in, and they did a great job.

They improved on the original units with a couple of additional parameters to control the details of the sound. An example is the presence of the mix knob which is not available in the original hardware. The beauty of this plugin is that it is like three plugins in one. Each module of both the EMT 244 and 245 can be used independently or in combination, which is its default module. Hence, it is capable of processing using one selected engine or both of them simultaneously. PSP 2445 has a quite simple interface layout which makes it easy to dial in a sweet sound quickly. An additional set of controls for modulation and filters can be revealed at the bottom by clicking the ‘OPEN’ button.

Regular Price: $149

Official Webpage : PSP 2445

Waves H-Reverb

top best reverb VST plugins 2018 Waves h reverb

The giant DSP company always hold their own spot in any best audio plugins list. Though on the reverb side of things, they have numerous plugins that could have easily made the list, here the worthy representative is Waves H-Reverb. The ‘H’ in the name stands for hybrid, because Waves combined the features of both convolution and algorithmic reverb types in creating this sophisticated plugin.
It is common to use additional processors like EQ, filters, de-essers, compressors or even gates after reverbs in order to fine-tune the reverb sound and help it blend in more with the mix. Waves had those kinds of situations in mind while designing their H-Reverb, hence they integrated all of those functionalities and more into a single plugin. It even has on board – a modulation with variable rate and depth, delay that can be applied both pre- and post-reverb, and varying degrees of overdrive distortion.

Waves took into consideration the optimization of CPU resources, hence the plugin was packaged in two versions which are the standard and the ‘Long’ versions. The standard version of H-Reverb can generate up to six seconds of convolution-based reverb. If you want more, you’ll have to switch to the ‘Long version’, which can supply up to 12 seconds at the cost of a CPU overhead around 30 percent higher. In all, despite the arrays of controls it offers all in on interface, Waves H-Reverb is immediately intuitive and easy to use. To cap it all up, H-Reverb includes an impressive library presets from the industry’s leading mixing engineers, as well as presets inspired by vintage and modern classics. All which will get you a good sounding mix in no time.

Regular Price: $349

Official Webpage : H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb


Lexicon is known for their high-end, hardware-based reverb units which can be found in big commercial studios for almost four decades now. One of its revered products is the PCM 96, which is the product’s algorithm and presets on which the PCM Native Reverb plugins were built. In actual fact, the Plugin version is almost an exact algorithmic port of the PCM-96 hardware, except for the delay and pitch shifting modules which were not included in the plugins. Additionally, there are features of some of their other classic products thrown into the ‘LexVintagePlate’ module somewhere. The plugin suite contains a number of reverb types and modules. Which reverb algorithm type each of the plug-ins uses, can be detected by the name. In the bundle, you will find LexVintagePlate, LexPlate, LexHall, LexRandomHall, LexConcertHall, LexChamber and LexRoom respectively.

From this, you can tell that the bundle covers a lot of grounds when it comes to reverb types. This bundle was so expensive when it debuted about a decade ago. Back then it sold for a whooping $1,900,but nowadays, it can be acquired at about $600. If you have the money, that’s a good deal considering you’ll be getting all the reverb types you’ll ever need to create a good sounding space around your mix. The user interface is pretty basic and straightforward that you won’t take long to get working with it. It also has nice switchable graphical display for more helpful information.

Regular Price: $719

Official Webpage : PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

UAD EMT Classic Reverb Bundle


Do you need a pretty nice sounding reverb with that ‘old school’ type of vibe? The EMT 140 and EMT 250 vintage reverb emulation plugins from UAD are the reverbs to choose. As obvious in the names, these plugins emulate the revered classic hardware reverb units manufactured by EMT Studiotechnik GmbH, which also endorsed these plug-in versions by UAD. The EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb Plug-in delivers the organic lushness that can only be gotten from a plate reverb. According to UAD, they expertly modelled the three uniquely different EMT 140s installed at ‘The Plant Studios’ in Sausalito, California. The outcome of UAD’s diligent work on the emulations can best be appreciated in the way the EMT 140 plug-in infuses sound sources with the unmistakable warmth and beauty of these iconic plate reverbs.

The EMT 250 Classic Reverb Plug-in, on the other hand, is a faithful emulation of the EMT 250 units which were the first digital reverb/modulation effects introduced in 1976. These are still regarded as one of the best-sounding reverb units ever made. Designed in conjunction with EMT 250 designer Dr. Barry Blesser, the UAD plug-in version uses the same algorithms found in the original, extremely rare hardware. The EMT 250 plug-in was modeled from Allen Sides’ ‘golden unit’ EMT 250 that resides at the legendary United/Ocean Way Recording studio.

With this reverb bundle, you can be rest assured you will get the best reverb sounds you can get ‘in the box’. However, you should remember that these are not native plugins. To use the products, you have to own a UAD-2 hardware or Apollo interfaces.

Regular Price: $359


Overloud Breverb-2

Top best reverb vst plugin 2018 Overloud Breverb 2

This one is definitely the most underrated reverb plugin out there. Even though Overloud is known to always put out very good plugins, it still beats me and a whole lot of other people why this particular plugin by them is not getting as much buzz as it deserves. I think it is partly due to the fact that people are judging it from the performance of the original first issue, which wasn’t that bad. That is where they got it all wrong, because Breverb 2 is miles ahead of ‘Breverb 1’.

Breverb-2 is a high quality, clean, and flexible algorithmic reverb plugin that has a lovely looking, interface built to look like LARC remote controls for Lexicon 480L hardware reverbs. It is not all about its good look though, it definitely has an amazing sound to match. It offers seven main space algorithms, which range from Hall, to Plate, Room, Inverse, Small places, plus other large spaces. The signal flow starts from the input, goes through the reverb algorithm, from there to the equalizer section, down to the gate sections and finally to output. It is endowed with various controls which enables detailed tweaking that helps get your exact desired sound easily.

Regular Price: $239

Official Webpage : BREVERB 2

Slate Digital Verbsuite Classics


Slate Digital are known to always deliver top notch plugins anytime they come through, and to make their stuff sound good, they’ll exploit all available options. What the Slate everything bundle line up of plug-Ins had been missing before the release of Verbsuite Classics is quality reverb and spacey tools to make it a complete music processing suite. Verbsuite Classics plug in houses eight of the most sought-after professional digital reverbs in a single plugin. To make sure they deliver the best, they had to seek the best resources available to create a great product. Hence, they reached out to Liquidsonics for permission to make use of their earlier discussed ‘fusion IR’ technology.

Trust the team at Slate Digital, they utilized the tech well to it fullest potential and even improved on it to deliver an awesome sounding tool. They took the time to add some additional great IR samples of some classic reverb devices that aren’t usually easy to get elsewhere. These various modules are sold as additional expansion packs for more varieties of reverb flavour. According to Shane of Liquidsonics, Verbsuite and Liquidsonics’ recent reverb plugins use the same core convolution engines, so what you’d get on a basic Reverberate 2 patch using a Fusion-IR is going to sound basically the same in VerbSuite Classics. The only evident difference is the focus of Slate’s Verbsuite Classics on usability, variety and getting high quality instant sound without distraction.

Regular Price: $199

Official Webpage : VerbSuite Classics

2CAudio Breeze 2

Top best reverb vst plugin 2018 2CAudio-Breeze2

Whenever reverb is the discussion, not mentioning 2CAudio and their amazing trio reverb plugins bundle(the perfect storm) will be a great oversight. Aether, Breeze, and B2 were phenomenal when they came into the scene some years back. They’ve all stood the test of time and cannot easily be displaced whenever there is a line up of best reverbs. Aether, especially is a sound designers workhorse tool, with so much tweak-ability it offers. The only issue with these plugins in the past was that they were so CPU tasking, the more reason they were not that much of people’s favorite. This shouldn’t really be an issue nowadays because an average modern computer packs enough power to run them smoothly.

However, 2CAudio is taking things to the next level with the total overhaul of these plugins, starting with the release of Breeze 2, which is surprisingly very CPU efficient. 2C Audio’s existing algorithms were rebuilt completely from the ground up, which made Breeze 2 twice as fast as Breeze 1 on average. With this, you get the revered 2CAudio reverb sound without strangling your CPU. One thing I really love about 2CAudio’s reverbs is the availability of unlimited useful presets through their sale of additional preset packs.

Regular Price: $225

Official Webpage : BREEZE 2

That is Prohomemusic’s list of the top best reverb VST plugins 2018 people. However, this list is not the ultimate, as there are several other equally great reverb plugins that should have made the list, but for the limited space. So, shouts out to these other cool reverb plugins :
To Audio Ease Altiverb, which is known as the king of all sampled IR convolution based reverbs, Exponential Audio Phoenixverb and Nimbus for their ‘wow’ inducing sounds, Softube Tsar-1 for holding it down, Eventide Blackhole for those lush, dreamy long verbs, Soundtoys Little Plate for its straight to the point approach, Zynaptiq Adaptiverb for being so real, even though at the expense of CPU hit, and so on. We love you all.

It should be noted that the stated prices are the regular prices of the plugins as at the time this article was written. You should check the webpage of any one you are interested in for possible discounts and sales prices. You know of any prominent plugin that should have been mentioned in the article? Share in the comment section.

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