Top 10 best free reverb VST plugins 2018 with download links

top 10 best free reverb VST plugins 2018 with download links

Prohomemusic is here again with our cool top 10 plugins list. This time, we bring you a list of the top 10 best free reverb VST plugins 2018 with download links. Your beats or music can sound too dry and lifeless without creating some sense of environment around it, because it just lacks that atmospheric depth. There are a couple of ways to achieve this, but the obvious first choice is through the use of reverbs. Reverbs are used to recreate the natural phenomenon of sound reflections bouncing off the walls in hollow spaces. How ‘echoey’ this sound is depends on how big the room is, and the emptiness around the given space. These spaces could be as small as closet sized, to bathroom, Rooms, halls, cathedrals, caves, e.t.c. These sorts of spaces and more are what reverbs try to replicate in the digital world.

These are infused into musics and audio recordings to create some sense of environment and depth. There are two types of reverb plugins; the convolution reverbs which are created from recording impulse responses of real spaces, and algorithmic reverbs which which utilizes digital coding that mimics the reflection of sounds through space and time.

After all efforts and research made in the compilation process, below are the top best free reverb VST plugins 2018 :

Ambience by Magnus @ Smartelectronix

top best free reverb vst plugins Ambience_3

This one is a usual suspect whenever very good, but free reverb plugins is the discussion. The most striking thing about Ambience on first contact is its good looking and well organized UI. Beyond its pretty looks, it has on board all the usual reverb controls, but adds some other unique, but useful ones. It actually has five major sections which include – the Gating, Decay, shape, EQ and Damping sections. The ‘gating’ section is one of the unconventional controls on reverbs. It is useful for easily manipulating the reverb tail.

Other unique parameters are the ‘Hold’ function which can be switched on/of, the ‘quality/CPU’ knob that serves as some sort of Tmpeg Authoring Works 6 Crack oversampling which gives you high quality processing in sacrifice of CPU power, and finally-the variation button that varies the sound of the reverb type presets. Though Ambienceis a bit CPU hungry, but it’s a nice price to pay for the great sound.

Windows & Mac

Webpage: Ambience

OrilRiver by Denis Tihanov

top 10 best free reverb VST plugins 2018 with download links orilriver

Now this is a free reverb plugin that should be really cherished. OrilRiver is a typical example of “just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it is valueless”. The plugin can easily compete with, and even floor a lot of commercial verbs out there. I’ve found myself using it in preference to some highly regarded commercial reverb plugins in some instances in recent times. It easily simulates the reverberation of a small room and great hall, and its beautiful and intuitive interface makes it easy to dial in a cool reverb within a short while.
The most lovable feature of OrilRiver is its very low CPU usage. Compared with its awesome sound, how it manages to maintain that much low resources is a wonder. It comes with additional skin choices to suit your desired style. OrilRiver was only available on windows until the 2.0 version update which brought VST and VST3 plugin format, plus Mac platform support.

Windows & Mac

Webpage : OrilRiver

Reverb SOLO by Acon Digital

top best free reverb vst plugins 2018 with download links acon digital reverb solo

One knob effect plugins can be time savers, especially in cases where detailed adjustments are negligible. You just dive in head straight, apply the effect, and pummn!, all done. Reverb Solo is one of those type of effects. Only that this one still finds a way to offer a varying tone of reverb sounds and sizes with its single knob. The control is simple and self explanatory. The knob starts from the left side with ‘Small & Bright’ reverb sound and widens out as it moves along to the right side which provides ‘Large and Dark’ reverb tones. Within these two extremes are a variety of tones and reverb sizes that might just be right for your audio. With just one knob, you can dial in short, bright reverbs that simulate small room, or up-front type reverb vibes, or long, dark reverbs that place your mix in huge deep spaces.

An additional Dry/Wet control slider lays at the bottom to adjust how much of the effect you want blended with your sound. It is best used on an auxiliary channel as a send effect, with this, you can add an EQ plugin before or after it for fine-filtering. A very handy tool, if you ask me.

Windows & Mac

Webpage : Acon Reverb Solo

Tal-Reverb-4 by Togu Audio Line

top best free reverb vst plugins tal-reverb-4

Togu Audio Line is a renowned generous company that offers a handful of high quality plugins for free. Tal-Reverb-4 is their free reverb offering. TAL-Reverb-4 is a standalone version of the high quality reverb integrated with TAL-Sampler. As indicated by the name, Tal-Reverb-4 is the fourth major update of the plug-in. Albeit being a free plugin, TAL team has taken their time to keep making the product better.

The user interface layout is dead simple with just a few knobs, which makes it really easy to use even for newbies. The only shortcoming of this UI is that it is a tad too small for bigger screens. Aside from that, it is a very versatile vintage sounding reverb with very diffusive sound, fast build up time, and long reverb sounds. It is meant to be used on stereo sources mostly. You can also check out TAL’s seconds issue of their free reverbs, the  Tal-Reverb-2 for an equally great sound with more indepth control.

Windows & Mac

Webpage : Tal-Reverb-4

OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo

top best free reverb vst plugins oldskoolverb

Another great highly regarded freeware reverb plugin. Voxengo as a company is known for providing premium sounding at fair prices. While at it, they give out some gems for free which could easily have been sold. That was why two of their EQs made it onto our Prohomemusic’s list of best free EQ VST plugins. OldSkoolVerb is their free reverb offering, and you can bet it is just as cool. As indicated by the name, OldSkoolVerb implements some kind of vintage stereo reverb algorithm which is technically simple yet optimal. It has a comprehensive set of parameters which makes it possible to achieve various reverb types ranging from plate reverb, to room reverb, and hall reverb sounds.

It is best suited for non-percussive and soft-attack sounds like vocals, piano and pad sounds. Overall, it produces a very clear spatial image that blends well with the mix.

Windows & Mac

Webpage : Voxengo OldSkoolVerb

EpicVerb by Variety Of Sound

top best free reverb vst plugins with download links vos epicVerb

If one happens to find him or herself in a situation where one is limited to the choice of downloading just one free effects bundle to use for mixing, many pro audio engineers will likely opt for variety of sound/ TDR’s free effects. The same brains are behind these offerings. They offer top of the line effects for free, and only sell the paid version of the same products tagged ‘Gentleman’s Edition’ with some additional features which can be done without. EpicVerb is the free reverb plugin from their staple.

About the plugin itself – it is a reverb plugin that recreates tight small room and wide ambience effects that are well suited to modern drum and vocal productions. It can also deliver large “epic” hall sounds as found in high quality outboard gears. EpicVerb has two different reverberation modes and 6 different stereo early reflection models. It has basic controls like ‘TIME’, ‘DAMP’ and ’PRE-DELAY’, plus reverb tail modulation and detailed control over very first reflection patterns as an option. It offers different reverb time handling for high and low frequencies, coupled with a great EQ section containing two “BootEQ” equalizers and additional high and lowpass filtering. The deal breaker is, the plugin only comes in Windows 32bit version only.

Windows only

Webpage : VOS downloads

Sanford Reverb by Leslie Sanford

top best free reverb vst plugins sanford reverb2

Sanford Reverb was initially a paid plugin priced at $25 when it was first launched in 2009. The price was raised to $35 later that year when it was updated to 2.0. Fast forward to 2015, the plugin was updated to version 2.1 which came with support for 64-bit systems. To everyone’s surprise, it was given out for free download. Sanford Reverb is a stereo reverb plugin capable of simulating various environments from small rooms to very large spaces. Its sound is dense, clean, and crisp making it right for most applications.

Its left and right input channels each have a set of 3 early reflections that can be independently set. The filter section lets you shape the tone of the reverb’s output, and damping is provided to simulate wall absorption. All these these features makes it possible to shape the reverb sound to replicate almost any room ambience. Modulation is also on board to add motion to the reverb tail. The result is a more animated and lively reverb.

Windows only

Webpage : Sanford Reverb

Kjaerhus classic verb

top best free reverb vst plugins Kjaerhus classic reverb

Kjaerhus free classic effects bundle is one of the popular and most widely used free plugins in the industry. The fact they still get much buzz after all these years testify to how good and usable they are. Kjaerhus Classic Reverb is a nice and smooth reverb that does a good job on almost any instrument. It can be adjusted to sound like most any acoustic space, ranging from a small shower to a large concert hall. With the ‘Hi-Damping’ control, it is possible to change the sound from bright and sibilant to a more natural / warmer sound. It has a low cut filter to remove the low frequency boominess present in most reverb effects, and it supports sampling rates up to 96kHz. Additionally, it comes with 33 highly usable presets and will hardly bite out any huge chunk out of your CPU power.

Windows only

Webpage : Classic Verb

Mverb by Martin Eastwood Audio

top best free reverb vst plugins martin eastwood mverb martin eastwood

Verb is a free, studio quality, open-source reverb. Its release is intended to provide a practical demonstration of Dattorro’s figure-of-eight reverb structure and provide the open source community with a high quality reverb. Even with its simplistic digital signature and very brief user interface, this reverb sounds amazing and deeply textured. It was previously hosted on the creator’s website,but since the website went offline a fairly long time ago, the good people at Rekkerd decided to preserve the treasure by hosting it on their site. The only drawback to this plugin is that it is available in 32bits only.

As an open source project, MVerb’s source code is released under the GPL License.

Windows & Mac

Webpage : Mverb

SAVE Reverb by Semantic Audio

top best free reverb vst plugins Safe reverb semantic audio

SAFE Reverb is the reverberation plugin in the SAFE Project free plugins pack. These plug-ins are born out of an academic research project aimed at understanding more about the ways in which musicians and producers describe sounds. The basic idea is that you can load and save presets using a text box in the corner. The various saved intuitively named presets by various users are then uploaded to Semantic Audio’s presets database. If you want to load a particular setting, type it in and it will try to locate it on their server from presets earlier uploaded by other users. This means you can now control your audio effect plug-ins using terms that normal human beings can understand.

For instance, just type in terms like – warm,wide, heavenly, bright, air, dark, e.t.c, into the text-box, and if it is on their server, your plugin’s parameters change to represent this. Of course, it will be left for you to decide if the given preset works for your project outrightly, or you’ll need to fine tune it. Anyone can ‘save’ pre-sets, thus contributing to the project. However, you can just use the plugins ignoring this feature, by using them like you would a normal suite of plug-Ins. I must confess all the plugins are of good value, and SAFE Reverb can get the task of adding soothing ambience to your audio done quite nicely.

Windows & Mac

Webpage : The SAFE Project

That is Prohomemusic’s list of top 10 best free reverb VST plugins 2018 with download links my people!. I’m sure you will find one or two that will suit your projects amongst them all. Worthy mentions in the free convolution reverb category go to Knufinke SIR1 , and Liquid Sonics Reverberate LE. You should also check out the list of top best free EQ VST plugins with download links too. Before we go, as usual of us, here are other free reverb plugins equally worth checking out. Peace out!

MuVerb by MuTools

Custom Reverb Free by Bitsonic 


Pianoverb by PSP Audioware

Lisc-Verb by Saltline

Mo’ Verb by Cyberworm 

KR-Reverb FS by KResearch

DX Reverb Light by ANWIDA Soft

Riviera by NuSpace Audio 

Roboverb by Kushview

Timeverb by GSi

Protoverb by Hu-he

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