Soundtoys version 5.2.4 plugins suite update

Soundtoys version 5.2.4 plugins suite update

Soundtoys version 5.2.4 plugins suite updateSoundtoys version 5.2.4 plugins suite update has just been rolled out by Soundtoys. Soundtoys v5.2.4 is a free maintenance update for all version 5 product owners. This update includes a variety of bug fixes and updates, and adds support for macOS High Sierra. All Soundtoys users with any version 5 plug-in or bundle can log into their Soundtoys account to download this FREE update.

Here is a list of the changes made between 5.2.0 and 5.2.4:

  • Little Plate now included in the Soundtoys 5 installer
  • Fixed rare audio dropout/glitches on Windows systems
  • Fixed crash that could happen sometimes on session recall
  • Fixed sluggish animation of tweak drawers on high DPI monitors on Mac
  • Fixed rhythm editor to allow for creation of multi-bar rhythms
  • Fixed “update nesting too deep” alert
  • Added support for MIDI triggering to AAX versions of FilterFreak and PrimalTap
  • Fixed CPU spiking in certain instances
  • Fixed AudioSuite support for different stem formats (mono-mono, mono-stereo, stereo-stereo) for Tremolator, Decapitator, Devil-Loc Deluxe, FilterFreak 1 & 2, Little Radiator, Radiator, and Sie-Q
  • Fixed occasional crash when rendering in Reaper on Windows
  • Fixed preset sorting in macOS High Sierra. Audio Units plug-ins will now scan correctly without requiring a restart in macOS High Sierra. Locked knob titles will remain red when GUI is closed and reopened
  • Fixed Pro Tools automation hotkey support for Effect Rack, as well as compound parameters like Delay Notes/Time in EchoBoy
  • Fixed Pro Tools automation hotkey support for all plug-ins on Windows
  • Fixed session recall in AU Lab
  • Fixed balance offset in in PanMan Random & Triggered modes

For more information on what’s new, visit Soundtoys release log page.

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