Novatron by Kush, most impressive compressor plugin 2017

Novatron by Kush Audio compressor VST plugin

Novatron by Kush Audio compressor VST plugin

Have you been waiting for the ground breaking VST plugin of the year?  Here comes Novatron by Kush, most impressive compressor plugin release of 2017 so far. Following the release of great plugins like the popular UBK-1 and the recently released Hammer EQ, Novatron finally cements Kush as a big player in modern plugins maket.

In a press release posted on gearslutz a few days ago, Gregory Scott – the amazing plugin developer himself could not hide his excitement. He had to blow his own trumpet so loud he tagged Novatron “the sweetest in the box compressor… period!”. Now that is an awesome self conviction right there. He must have been very impressed by the feedbacks from the better testers. Not long after release, reviews started pouring in from early buyers and demo testers. Albeit you will have to own an iLok 2 or 3 to use the plugin.

Named a Varitone Tube compressor,  Novatron impressively does various compressor types; Fet, VCA, and Vari-Mu. With this, It can be used for clean bus compression. It can add some character to a drum bus, or used for extreme FET crushing. It can also get you smooth and thick vocals or bass. It is awesomely versatile.

Novatron features two separate Transformer Saturation options. One on the way in, the second on the way out. These can be bypassed if clean compression is what you are aiming for. It also has two optional Tone Circuits.  The attack and release response on Novatron is revolutional to the “in the box” compressors world. The 3D solidity and tone it produces are characteristic of an expensive hardware.

If you already own the iLok or you are ready to shell out an additional $40, I’ll implore you to demo it. Download Novatron at Kush Audio’s official website.

If you like it, which you most likely will; you should buy it. It costs just $149. A steal price compared to getting an expensive outboard compressor which will give you almost similar results. Here’s a link to a YouTube video showcasing what the genius plugin can do.  You should also read the best explanation of how compressors work and how to use them .

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