Line6 release Echo Farm 3.0 Delay effects VST plugin

line6 release echo farm delay vst AU plugin

Line6 release Echo Farm 3.0 Delay and Echo vst plugin

Finally!!! Line6 release Echo Farm 3.0 delay effects VST plugin.
Amidst the numerous delay plugin effects that abound in the audio DSP world, Line6’s Echo Farm has claimed and earned its spot as one of the best delay plugins in the industry. With this latest release, this reputation just got better.
Echo Farm 3.0 now supports 64-bit AU and VST plug-in formats plus AAX, and it works with any DAW. The plugin is an emulation collection of legendary vintage delays and echo effects. This new version 3.0 features the replication of 12 vintage hardware units such as the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, TC Electronic 2290, Roland RE-101 Space Echo, Boss DM-2, Maestro Echoplexes, and Line 6 originals (TM)
This plugin is fully programmable and automatable, providing total control over the sound and responsiveness of every model it emulates. It can seamlessly reproduce other additional effects including swept-filter modulation speed, tape wow nā€™ flutter, bit resolution, and many more. You can easily lock to the global tempo of your current session, following any tempo variations, or quickly set the delay time manually via a virtual knob, tap tempo, or by selecting BPM and note value. The special ‘Time Ramp’ feature also lets you create realistic pitch-smear effects when adjusting delay times on tape- and analog-type delays.

Product Overview

  • Now supports VST and 64bit processing and works on all DAWs
  • 12 models including vintage echo units and Line 6 originals
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Control tape wow nā€™ flutter, filter-swept modulation, bit resolution, and more
  • Offers Vintage Sounds. Advanced Flexibility
  • Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz for pristine sound quality
  • Settings and presets are 100% compatible with Pro Tools TDM sessions (AAX version only)

Price – $199.99
Upgrage for previous AAX version owners – $49.99
Official webpageEcho Farm 3.0 64-Bit Native Plug-In For Any DAW

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