How to import drums sample packs into Fl Studio browser

How to import drums sample packs into FL Studio browser

At a point in your career as a newbie producer, you will need to know how to import drums sample packs into FL Studio 12 browser section for easy access. Like I said in an earlier published article on how to install VST plugins in FL studio 12, REAPER and other DAWs, you will soon outgrow the stock drum samples and synths. You will start craving for additional drums sample packs and loops to take your music making experience   up a notch. It is a good thing to have varieties of samples handy, especially if you make electronic music like EDM, trance, house and even hip-hop. These sample packs serve as creative building blocks from which good beats and music can be made. Believe me, a single loop from a pack might turn out to be the foundational idea on which a great music will be built.

Let us skip the emphasis on importance of having additional sample packs, and go straight to quickly show you how to import them. There are actually two ways to import drums sample packs into FL studio 12 browser. The first is through the file settings option in FL studio’s settings, while the second is through windows explorer.

Method 1: FL Studio File Settings

How to import sample packs into FL Studio file settings

This is an easy way to get it done. What this method does is to simply point FL Studio to the directory where your sample packs are located, so it can access it from there. Open up FL Studio, go to the “options” menu at the left corner, and click on “file settings”. Then you will see the interface as in the picture below. Just click on an empty one out of those folder icons by the left. This pops up a navigation window to locate where your samples are. Navigate to where the folder is and click OK. Viola! Now your DAW links to them directly.

Method 2: Windows explorer copy and paste

To use this method, you will have to copy or move the folder which contains your audio samples into the default FL Studio “packs” folder. To do this, just copy or move entire sample pack folder into the directory: Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Image Line > FL Studio 12 > Data > Patches > Packs . For easier navigation, follow the directory paths in the upper bar of the illustrations below as guide.

How to import sample packs into FL Studio windows explorer

It will be better to move than to copy, in order to save memory space on your computer. If you want, you can create a custom user folder inside the Packs folder and name it whatever suits you. For example, here’s what mine looks like below with Dhandy as my user folder name.

How to import sample packs into FL Studio user folder

It is as simple as that. After using either method, launch your DAW and you will find a folder containing your samples in the browser by the left of the display. Now you can easily access them for a faster workflow. Time to utilize the time and money spent getting them, go and make beautiful music with your samples. Check this article for the easiest tutorial on the best workflow process for making beats on FL Studio.

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  1. Importing drum samples in your FL studio browser will allow you to make better music since you can use this drum effect to make the beat better. I am glad this guide on how to import these samples got shared today.

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