Acustica Audio Water plugins suite released

Acustica Audio Water plugins suite released

Acustica Audio Water plugins suite releasedAcustica Audio Water plugins suite released!!!. Acustica Audio is pleased to bring to you their new set of ACQUA based plugins codenamed WATER. WATER is a VST/AAX/AU bundle based on ’60s vintage series of Austrian hardware, hand-built around  Germanium transistor topology and plenty of audio transformers.

Water as plug-in is characterized by a large number of important Core 12 tech features, making it an incarnation of a classy vintage hardware sound in a new guise. Just as with Cream suite, we believe that Water can be considered another highly valuable plugin representing a perfect fusion between Vintage and Modern – Analogue and Digital. Water brings a new frontier in the world of audio software.
Commenting on the new release, Acustica has this to say: “We believe that we have built a bridge across the software and hardware domain, connecting the best of both worlds, yet again demonstrating the inherent potential of Acustica’s technology!”

WATER suite was carefully crafted with the goal of building a set of characterful tools that reproduce the sonic behaviorof ultra-rare vintage hardware devices and include new features making it flexible and suitable for the demands of modern productions. Water embodies the spirit of revolution and the desire to experiment typical of the 1960s!

Included in the WATER suite are three different plug-ins:

  • WATER Channel-strip;
  • WATER EQ (Passive Germanium Equalizer standalone module);
  • WATER COMP  (Limiter/Compressor standalone module);

For each plugins included in Water suite there is a “Standard” version or an alternative “ZL*” version which operates at *zero latency at the cost of consuming extra processing resources and is thus suitable for use when tracking.

Products details

The Water EQ is created from an original passive stereo Germanium topology EQ unit dating back to 1961 and a set of ‘Homebrew’ additional hardware circuits, hand-built using original components and sampled by SoundDrops (SteDal). SteDal’s meticulous designs, following the original circuit schematics, helped us to include not just 9dB of boost for the MID band, as it is in the original, but also a 9dB of cut. In a similar way we also added extra frequency choices for the LF and HF bands and the high-pass filter. Further to this, within the standalone unit we added mid-side and dual-mono operation modes. As always with such modules, we provide the option to switch on and off the pass-though tone distortions of the original HW, allowing the user to avoid or embrace the frequency, phase and harmonic distortions of the gear.

The Water Limiter/Compressor is based on a 1968, discretely built, diode bridge device that delivers an overwhelming sound. With three of some of the very best transformers in the audio path, it gives a smooth, larger than life coloration that is reminiscent of classic legendary tube devices. Made in the ’60s the hardware is unfortunately very rare to find these days. Our take on this design is to make this great device even more flexible and powerful: we have included the extras of an attack shape modulation control, high-range HPF in the side-chain, some additional faster release curves derived from the Ebony mod. D473 VCA compressor, the ability to switch on and off the pass-though tone of the original HW unit, and a dry/wet control for parallel compression. We also managed to add a high-quality hardware modeled clipper at the output for this dream compressor!

Prepare yourself for the journey of sound purification and ascension, to the place of passage and transit for your soul, up to the wonder of Paradise.


Product: Water
Developer: Acustica Audio
Price (MSRP): Special pre-sale price at €103.20 (20%OFF) for the first four weeks after release. The price after the pre-sale period will be €129.00.
Plug-in Format(s): VST2, AU, AAX
System Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 – Windows 10
System Requirements (OSX): OSX 10.8 – OSX 10.13
WATER Commercial web-page: Water (Pre-order) – Acustica Audio
WATER Trial web-page: Water (Trial) – Acustica Audio

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