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Hi there! Welcome to prohomemusic.com. I am Femi Ayeni, but you can call me Dhandy. I am a home studio music production enthusiast. This site was started out of my personal passion for music, and sounds generally. Growing up, I loved listening to music a lot and I’ve always been fascinated by the process of making music. Watching TV seeing people with big headphones on inside a noise proof chamber with the sound engineer sitting at the big mixer desk pushing buttons – “it must be a very interesting process” , I had always thought. I was eager to know about the complex process of making the sweet tunes I listen to, maybe I could someday make my personal music because I love singing too.

So like every other music enthusiast (producers,engineers,DJs), I got my first laptop computer and decided to venture into the world of home studio music production by installing a DAW(digital audio workstation). It was precisely a FL studio 6 demo back then. That was how I started learning the ropes despite the fact that I could not play any particular music instrument. In fact till date I still can’t perfectly play any particular instrument like a pro, but I can surely finger out a sweet melody on a midi keyboard. Other times, I just click notes into the piano roll with a mouse like I started out. You can bet I surely make sweet good music. What matters at the end is to make a sweet and enjoyable tune.

Pro Home Music’s Vision

By and by I garnered enough knowledge and experience, and today I can say I have come a long way in a very short while. Now I make pro sounding songs, and I am self-taught. My virtual tutors were free articles and videos shared by good people on the internet. “You can do it too!”  This site’s purpose is to show upcoming home studio producers that you do not have to own expensive fancy hardware studio gears to make pro sounding music. That is why I decided to build this site to give tips based on my experience as a self-learned music producer. My aim is to help you become a professional home music producer in a shorter time than it took me. I will also be posting helpful tips, tutorials, freebies, news, interviews and other articles related to the music industry in general.

Just make sure you sign up and subscribe to our mail list so you can comment and ask questions. With this, you get notified of new articles and products that will aid your learning and get you there faster. You also get to receive special privilege mails with links to samples, top free VSTs, vital tips and other freebies besides the generally posted ones.  I promise if you adherently follow the tutorials on the site, you will be months or even weeks away from making pro-sounding beats and songs with just your budget equipment. As a newbie, you should start out by reading about 6 stages of music production: successful career guide. Call me Dhandy, I’m here to help you make pro home music.

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